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Guest Posting- Are You In or Are You Out?


Photo by Tsururadio So, it’s no secret I’ve been on a bit of a guest posting kick the last several months, and it was renewed with even more vigour this past week when several guest posts I had recently submitted went live. With that said, I figured it was a good idea to let you in on exactly WHY I have become such a fan of guest posting.  (Besides, I did promise a longer post the next time...

Newsletter Ideas for Slackers (Um… I Mean Inspirationally Challenged!)


Photo by RP Blakely (Side Note: This is sort of a continuance of the list building theme from the last post. What can I say, I’m on a kick.) If you’ve been observing the online business community these past few years, you immediately notice that the power of the Internet has been spreading like wildfire when it comes to entrepreneurs and small business owners getting their ‘message’ out to the...

List building- the Life Blood of a Web-Based Entrepreneur… ‘Fo Schizzle’!


People tell me all the time that they waste so much writing paper because of the many lists that they have to make. Some folks, for example, need reams and reams of note paper plus different-sized and colored Post-Its to keep track of all the things that they do every day. From the moment they wake up, they busy themselves crossing out the things in their list that they have already accomplished...

Top 28 Coolest Tools to Monitor Your Brand in Like…Ever!


Photo by Dustin Diaz First up- a fracken disclaimer because you know I need one: I am NOT a doctor, a psychologist, or any other thing that ends in “ist”. So take whatever I say next with a grain of salt, not as gospel truth. Kay? They say that there’s a difference between hearing and listening. Hearing in my book is when something goes in one ear and right out the other. It’s ‘heard’ and...

Old Skool Marketing- Networking Your Way to Super Stardom


Photo by Fire Horse Leo First of all, let’s square away a few facts. Do you own a small business? Are you an up-and-coming entrepreneur? Are you a freelancer? Are you a blogger? Do you work from home? If you’re any of these, then you “should” know just how important building a viable business network can be. In fact, it can be the one thing that can make or break your solo-entrepreneurial gig and...

Big Biz, Small Biz-Why the Former Succeed and the Latter Fail


There it is folks, in black and white. There are just some things in this world that can’t be denied and the fact that small businesses fail despite the best efforts of the people behind them is just one of the many things in life we might not “get” but still have to swallow. And what a bitter pill it is!  Or maybe it’s more akin to swallowing nails, whichever metaphor suits your drama...

Top 25 Indicators You Need to Quit Your J.O.B.- No Take-Backs!


Photo by Dev Null Let me tell you a little story first. (Warning.. grab a coffee, take a break… this one is long!) Once upon a time I too, was in that same swivel chair as you are, thinking about my future and the futility of my career as I realized that I was headed for a bleak looking dead-end. Yep… My near future dead-ended smack into a solid brick wall that could just about stop a...

4 Things a Self-Employed A%# Kicker Can’t Live Without!


GAXWUDYZ3WXS <—Please ignore the geek speak! Photo by Duncan Leaving the rat race to build your own business is a bit like jumping off a plane. You know that there’s a chance of your parachute malfunctioning and your day ending with a resounding splat… but still you do it in the pursuit of liberty and happiness anyway. Bully for you!  You’re daring and adventurous. I like it...

From J.O.B. Slavery to Freelancing Freedom in 5 Easy Steps


Photo by Rokito When I was younger, the idea of me being a professional writer was kinda laughable.  I wrote poetry, but never considered myself “a writer”.  And actually making money at writing?  That was something I thought only big name novelists did. I was so clueless! (Only without the blonde hair and skimpy skirts… and the shopping habit…) As I got older, the idea of writing for...

5 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch This Very Weekend- No Excuses!


Alright, so I know you’re busy and have a ton of stuff on your plate… who doesn’t? But really… you can’t be so terribly busy that you can say no to watching a few great movies for your weekly dose of R and R can you?  (Don’t answer that, just watch them anyway!) And yes, I know I’m demanding. I understand that you may have a lot weighing on your mind these days, what with your new business...


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