Branding like Apple: 20 Ways to Make your Biz Stand Out

by Roye Okupe

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This is a guest post courtesy of Roye Okupe.

While branding really isn’t rocket science, it is an area some businesses tend to fall a little short in.

Luckily, there are examples of bangin’ hot brands out there that know just what the frack they’re doing, and they do it well.

They might not be perfect all the time, but they are consistently doing shite right, and you can learn very valuable lessons from them. With that, I leave it to Roye to take it away.

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Do It Like Apple

Apple is arguably at the top of the list of companies that get branding right.

From its innovative products to packaging, customers experience something different from this leading tech giant. How can you make your business stand out too?

1. Have an Awesome Offer

Apple makes complex technology products for simple people. Determine your offer and how will it help your market.

2. Care About Your Customers

Offer customers a great experience when interacting with your product or company. Keep customers first and foremost.

3. Have a Mission

Why are you serving your market? Define your mission and let it guide you in building your business.

4. Make Your Marketing Materials Stand Out

Your logo, websiteand other branding materials should stand out from the crowd. Use consistent colors across your marketing materials and offers.

5. Focus On What Matters

Determine what you are really good at and make it your mission to be the best in your industry whatever you have chosen to focus on. I cannot stress this enough!

6. Offer a “WOW” Factor

Offer your customers more than a product or service. Give customers a reason to choose you over your competition.

7. Be the Expert and Deliver

Know your industry, be an expert and deliver. Connect with your customers at various online channels and educate them on their problems and how you can make their lives better.

8. Be Authentic. Be Different.

Make your offer different from that of your competition. Do not be afraid to do something unconventional to be different.

9. Do It Differently than Your Competitors

Analyze how your competitors deliver their products and do it better than them.

10. It’s All In the Name

Have a precise, easy-to-remember name. If you can get a single word name, this is best. If not, find a combination that will stick in your client’s heads.

11. Go Beyond the Logo

Brand your business beyond the logo. Use your slogan and other short messages that define your company in your products.

12. Send Your Message in Unique Packaging

Package your product to offer a unique experience to your customers. If you are providing a service, have a unique manner of starting or finishing your task that will leave an undeniable mark on your customers.

13. Sell Your Offer

Advertise your offer on the Internet and traditional media. Reach your prospects through all avenues you can.

14. Become a Winner

Provide excellent product or services that will help your company become recognized in your area or industry. Customers love associating with winners.

15. Solve a Problem the Best Way Possible

Identify the pains of your market and come up with the best solution possible to the problems.

16. Find What Works and Use It

Work with partners that will make your work easier or help you in offering a better experience to your market.

17. Announce Your Launch

Let prospects know when you are about to launch your service or product. Use the Internet to generate buzz on your launch.

18. Culture a Tradition

Have a way of doing things that customers will identify with. Customers should know what to expect when they buy your product, visit your store, or contact your office.

19. Offer an Experience

Have a clear experience that you want customers to have right from when they come into contact with your brand up to when they buy.

20. Innovate. Innovate. Innovate.

Make your products or offers different from that of your competition. Offer a unique value.

The above are just a list of some ways Apple makes their business and products stand out. You can use the same techniques to help differentiate your own business. Or even better, come up with a few of your own! Craft a branding strategy that you can implement over a duration of time to achieve your business objectives.

Over to You

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