How Brandify Can Help You Manage Your Online Reputation

by Amanda DiSilvestro

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This is a guest post courtesy of Amanda reviewing a tool called Brandify.

Methinks your online marketing may just get a tad bit easier after reading this. 😉

In order to spread the good word that their products and services were superior to others—especially others offering the same product or service—word of mouth has long been a necessary tool for small and mid-sized businesses

For instance, we often choose one Italian restaurant over another because the service is more attentive or more pleasant.

We may also choose one movie theatre over another because they are cleaner or have seats that are more comfortable. Whatever our preference, when we find something we like, we can’t help it – we naturally spread the word around.

Unfortunately, this was a slow, tedious process, and many small business owners relied on this to bring in customers (especially those businesses with little to no advertising budget).

Luckily for smaller businesses, all that has changed.

In the 21st century, word of mouth has exploded.  There are seemingly countless ways to spread the word – to tell everyone what we think, both good and bad, about our daily experiences. Not only do we share with our family and friends, but we share with their family and friends as well.

One individual can reach thousands of people in a single day.

An incredible feat.


Brandify brings word of mouth to the masses, and it’s free.

Bloggers and small businesses can discover, evaluate and even improve their online reputation.

Brandify is a tool that will quickly evaluates your businesses’ online footprint, and then assign you an individualized score showing you exactly what others are saying about you.

In addition to your score, you are given numerous resources that will help you improve your score, and hence, your business.

Discover  & Evaluate your Brandify Score

Brandify analyzes over 120 aspects of your online brand reputation by searching and analyzing public data such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Yahoo Bing, YouTube, and Foursquare.

Are you sharing articles on Twitter? Are you getting a lot of comments on the things you post on Facebook? Do you comment on other YouTube channels in your industry? Questions like these are all taken into account.

Brandify also studies your search engine optimization (SEO), online reviews, and the quality of your company’s website.  Once all the data is collected, it is analyzed and revealed to you in a simple and easy-to-understand score.

All this is accomplished in approximately 90 seconds.

Improve Your Brandify Score

But Brandify does much more than just analyze your current online reputation and give you a score.  Brandify also identifies your strengths and weaknesses and gives you suggestions and solutions to improve your reputation, and thus, your score.

All results are specific to your company’s individual needs. In the majority of situations, Brandify uses the success of other similar businesses and then recommends you do something similar. After all, if it’s working for your competitors, it will likely work for you.

Brandify also offers community forums which allow you to communicate and interact with your peers and find out what strategies they are using to help strengthen and improve their businesses throughout the world.

3 Ways Internet Marketers Can Use BRANDIFY

Below are a few different ways that Internet marketers can use the latest tool from Microsoft:

  • Growth. Brandify will help small and mid sized businesses grow by pointing out their strengths and weaknesses.  When a business grows, so do Internet marketing opportunities.  After all, more people who surf a company website translates into more people viewing your online ad.
  • Confidence. Brandify will also tell a small business what they are doing right.  When a business expands on this, their quality can be easily increased.  A higher quality site, product, or service just naturally, by association, increases the quality of the Internet marketer’s site, product, or service.  For instance, if you get your hair done at a high-end salon, you naturally assume the products they sell on their shelves will also be superior.  It’s marketing by association.
  • Communication. Brandify encourages communications between like businesses.  Your peers will inevitably view your site for ideas, and when they do, they will also be exposed to your choices of advertising.  They, too, may be drawn to the same advertising, thus multiplying an Internet marketers market.

Brandify is easy, fast, and free.  It can help improve and increase your bottom-line along with your product or service.  It takes “feedback” to a whole new level and is a win-win for everyone.

You can learn more about Brandify and how to get started here.

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