On @RedheadWriting on Being Unpopular- and Why You Shouldn’t Fear It!

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OK so this post will be relatively short and sweet, as I’ve got a video to share with you today. (Now, now, settle down… it’s not MY video. I know, you’re so disappointed.)

Actually, the video is of my gal Erika Napoletano.

She recently spoke at a TedxBoulder Event and in my (hey, only sometimes!) un-humble opinion, she knocked it outta the park.

In the video she talks about her own personal experiences battling with fears of making decisions that don’t necessarily win any popularity contests, and spending her life striving to be “polite” rather than just doing the damn thang (whatever the thang may be) in her own way, no apologies.

Raw and honest, and f-you if you don’t like it, so to speak.

She talks about her struggle and how she’s begun to overcome it herself, and offers up the idea that instead of striving so hard to please people and “be polite”… you should be actively trying to polarize your people.

Give them the opportunity to know unequivocally whether or not you and your brand are right for them or not and if they should love you madly or hate you passionately.

Screw lukewarm. Screw polite. Just be honest!

Anyhoo, she tells her story way better than moi, so please check out her video below and if you love it, share it like mad with people who can appreciate the message. Erika thanks you and BGB thanks you too! 😉

Pssst… if you can thumbs up this video on Youtube, that’d be awesome. Also, those share buttons off to the left? Please do! I do <3 you for it. 🙂 

Image Credit- Ms. Red Herself

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