Pressing On: Advice for Overcoming Entrepreneurship Hurdles


Being the boss sounds enticing, but in retrospect, most entrepreneurs would agree that it’s not the glitz and glam you may have believed it to be. True, there are perks to owning a business. You can work on something you’re passionate about, use your own visions, control the direction, and, if you succeed, you can also earn a decent living. Yet, to experience the positives of being an...

4 Keys to Building a Kick Ass Branding Crew


Products and services may determine how customers value businesses, but those companies may never get a shot at their target clientele without an effective brand strategy. Ouch. Harsh huh. Brands have plenty of work to do in a competitive market. Not only must they establish and promote themselves to the right customers, they must do so in a way that differentiates them from competing brands...

#BGB Tutorial- Rocking Successful Business Relationships


This is a guest post courtesy of Tim.  At some point in the life span of your business, you will probably partner with someone else.  Whether it’s a temporary collaboration on a single project, or a more long-term collaboration it’s important for you to play well with others, so to speak.  That seems to be easier said than done sometimes. Ego can get in the way, boundaries can get...

Take the Job or Chase the Dream? All In or Not at All


This is a guest post courtesy of Julie. All this talk of empire building recently, and Julie is on a mission to build one of her own. So, I agreed to her submission for two reasons. She has a great story with wisdom to share, and I wanted to help support her by bringing attention to her Kickstarter campaign. It’s hard to put yourself out there into the world, and try to create something out...

Take the Leap and Go Entrepreneur


This is a guest post courtesy of Bianca where she talks tips about going all entrepreneur.  She also talks about the exhilaration and fear of taking that plunge to personal freedom.  I thought it appropriate food for thought for a beautiful Saturday afternoon. 🙂 Please make her feel welcome in the comments below.  I’ve jumped out of a plane- twice; and spent all my money traveling throughout...

Pinterest: An Entrepreneur’s Dream?


Howdy doody all.  OK so I am definitely not yet on the Pinterest bandwagon as yet (still waiting on that invite Pinterest! Hint. Hint.) however all I see and read about lately is Pinterest this, Pinterest that.  So when Tom approached me regarding a guest post on the very topic, I said sure, I’d be happy to run it because I might learn a thing or two along with you guys! Entrepreneurs live...

Why Pitching a Client is Like a Job Interview and Why It Isn’t!


Howdy dahling BGB’er. Hope you had a fabulous New Year and 2012 has started with an appropriate bang.  This is a guest post contributed by Chris Farnell on why pitching a client is similar to a J.O.B. interview… and then again… why it isn’t! He makes several good points, with the very last point being my love-hate favorite. 😉 How about you? Got ideas on ways a pitching a...

Young Entrepreneurs- Starting a Small Business in College


These days, entrepreneurship isn’t just for the mature and experienced adult genre. More and more youngsters (and I do say that with grain of salt, being in between mature and youngster m’self!) are dipping their toes into the self-employment realm, dreaming up the next big start-up that’s going to make all their dreams come true. And honestly, why the hell not? Success in the...

27 Part-Time Businesses You Can Start For Peanuts


Every entrepreneur has dreams beating in their passionate little hearts of creating their first portrait of freedom by working for themselves. Shedding the shackles of their J.O.B. if you will. Maybe that’s you.  Often times however, those same entrepreneurs get stalled out, because they aren’t sure WHAT they want to do for a business that won’t bury them under a mountain of...

On @Mirasee- Entrepreneur SOS…


This is a recent guest post on FirePoleMarketing.com that Danny was so gracious to invite me to contribute to. Everyone has days they feel overwhelmed and unproductive. Here I discuss ways to get past it! And be sure to check out Danny’s point of view on BGB as well, great stuff. 😉


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