#BGB Tutorial- 4 Ways to Broadcast Your Business and Brand to the Masses


If you’re a small biz owner struggling to get your products/service and brand, you’re not alone. Every business faces this mountain at some point. Climbing that mountain can be downright discouraging when results don’t happen as quickly as you think they should. Fortunately there is no lack of creative (aaaandd not so creative) ways to get your business out there to the public and generate buzz...

What (Safe) Guerrilla Marketing Can Do For Your Biz


Actually, I believe it’s “Guerrilla” derived from the Spanish term guerrilla warfare, but hey… tomato, tomatoh. The picture was nifty.  Anyhoo, this is a guest post courtesy of Julie with some rather umm… creative… marketing techniques even the big guys are using on occasion. However, a word of caution. These tactics are not for the faint of heart, nor do they...

#BGB Tutorial- How to Develop Brand Ambassadors


This is a guest post courtesy of Lior, back again to share his extensive knowledge with BGB. He currently advises to a company that created a Passbook application for following credit card charges and also works with Jive; developers of one of the best collaboration software solutions online for businesses. Keepin’ pretty busy wouldn’t you say? Please make him feel welcome in the...

Quick Tips for Effectively Marketing Your Start-up


Marketing. UGH. It’s one of those words that has the fascinating effect of causing one’s lip to curl… usually in a combo of fear, dread, and mild distaste. Unfortunately it’s a necessary evil (and doesn’t have to be skeevy either), so let’s talk about how you can do it a wee bit more effectively than you might be doing it right now. Then maybe I’ll go take my own advice. Heh! While the...

Simple Social Media Marketing for Your Small Business


This is a guest post courtesy of Ken on social media marketing for your business. Social media is one of the primary ways I market my own small biz and it’s how I got started originally.  My first handful of clients came from forums, and then the rest trickled in from Twitter. Eventually I set up my blog and then Twitter and Facebook became my way to cross promote my blog and my services. ...

8 Unique Ways to Promote Your Online Brand


This is a guest post from Cale on 8 different ways you can promote your online brand that are slightly left field from the traditional route. I especially like the idea of sponsoring a UFC fighter! How about you?  Let us know in the comments section below. 🙂 I’ve seen endless articles on how to write, promote and improve websites and frankly I am sick of it – it’s been done to death. I want...

Desperate Housewives on Writing, Storytelling, and Selling


This is a guest post by Danny Iny, and since I’m a big fan of references to pop culture on BGB, and drawing parallels between them for your biz, Danny sweet-talked his way into writing for you guys. 😉 No really it’s just a damn good post, no sweet talking required.  Let’s make him feel welcome by starting a bit ‘o conversation shall we? So many things happen on Wisteria...

Guest Posting Rewind- Look Before You Leap


Photo by FarCry77 OK.  So I figured since I wrote a post all about guest posting and why it’s a great promotional strategy… I figured I might better follow that up with a few handy do’s and don’ts for all of you out there who are a bit impulsive and want to jump in head first.  (And don’t try to deny it either!) It all sounds pretty simple in theory- you drop a line at handful of high...


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