#BGB Tutorial- Rocking Successful Business Relationships


This is a guest post courtesy of Tim.  At some point in the life span of your business, you will probably partner with someone else.  Whether it’s a temporary collaboration on a single project, or a more long-term collaboration it’s important for you to play well with others, so to speak.  That seems to be easier said than done sometimes. Ego can get in the way, boundaries can get...

Novel Idea- Pick Up The Phone And Call Your Twitter Followers


This is a guest post courtesy of my buddy and biz associate, who is one of the most sincere and genuine folks I’ve had the pleasure of making friends with via social media.  Of course he’s the polar opposite of moi, because he actually LIKES talking to folks on the phone and meeting people on the realz. hehe Not to say I hate meeting new people, I am just the type who tends to get a...

Buses, Branding Genies, and Why Your Brand Story Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over


Dork Alert: Due to some quirky techie shite, (OK fine, my admin duty #failure) the recent guest post by Jess didn’t display her bio.  It’s now corrected, and you can find out even more about her at Jessilicious.com. Most people think that once you get yourself established as a “household name” you can sit back, relax and wait for clients to come a-knocking at your door, asking for...

Using Social Media as a Customer Service Slam Dunk- You’re Joking Right?


Photo by LawGeek Well, actually no. Social media is here and it’s changing the way we do things on a daily basis. But if Twitter, Facebook, Plurk and all those other social networking sites mushrooming up every nanosecond or so have that much power in the real world… We should all be running screaming in fear away from our laptops, computers and iPhones, right? Wrong. You see, the social media...

Dear Twitterheads- Ya’ll Are Awesome!


Coffee and Convo... Let's Chat!

I created this post because, let’s face it… you really can’t get to know someone in a 140 characters or less. And that’s kind of crappy because the point of Twitter is to connect, get to know people, and build relationships! So to that end, I thought I’d post a little about me so that you can dig around and see a bit of what makes me tic.


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