SEO for Dummies: 10 Basics of WordPress Search Engine Optimization


If you have landed on this page, don’t feel offended. I’m not really calling you a dummy, the basic idea is that this post is meant for complete newbies who are just getting started blogging and are just learning about concepts such as SEO. But, let’s first begin with the most rudimentary explanation of how SEO works. Have you ever wondered how Google determines which site comes...

Why I Could Give a Donkey’s Tickler About “Effective” SEO


Disclaimer: I may or may not be slightly overtired from moving. And I may or may not have had a glass of wine very recently while doing a bit of work. OK, fine. I am and I did. Grammar police and any other police-y type peeps, don’t hate. Appreciate. Ha. OK, right… onward. So I don’t actually know what a donkey’s tickler is. I totally made that part up. hehe But really...

Why 2013 Might Be the Year of PPC (Newbie Edition)


Toodles BGB’ers! Today’s guest post is brought to you courtesy of Jeremy Page, where he gives you the low-down on ways to use Facebook PPC effectively. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know jack about PPC marketing and tend to stay away from it for that very reason. I’ve dabbled, but admittedly not very successfully! Heh. However that doesn’t mean it’s...

#BGB Tutorial: Writing an Operative SEO Case Study that Closes the Sale


This is a guest post courtesy of Tim Wilson. As I have yet to really dip my toe into writing case studies myself, this was a good learning piece for me. I hope it’s an eye-opener for you as well. And while the focus is on writing an SEO case study, it’s important to note that these concepts are not limited to that and can be applied to case studies for any niche. Since we’re residing...

6 SEO Myths that Stop You from Ranking in Google (Hint: There’s No Magic Involved)


Howdy boys and girls. This is a guest post courtesy of Traian. You all know SEO is an important cog in the wheel of blogging successfully. However it’s possible you get a little too caught up in the morass to really be effective at it. I know I’ve been guilty!  Keep reading and allow Traian to lead you a better (read: less headache-y) path to SEO. Do you allow myths to take over your...

How to Google Yourself (And Like What You Find)


This is a guest post by a chap named Devin Anderson. And get your mind out of the gutter people! 😉 I know you went there!  This is actually quite an informative read on making yourself prominent in the Google SERPS for your name. Hopefully I don’t have to tell you how valuable that can be. I’d appreciate if you’d make him feel welcome in the comments below and drop any questions...

Search Engine Love Fest- 10 Simple Rules for Picking Good Keywords


Alright BGB’ers… I know I’ve been neglectful of you the last several days, I had bridesmaid duties to attend to… which unfortunately threw me a bit off in my schedule!  (I know, I know, don’t shoot me!) Luckily dear James has come to the rescue with a guest post for me, on a topic I think is extremely important if a blog or website is part of your marketing arsenal...

Eeek! Spider Wars- The Search Engine Spiders are Crawling!


Photo by EugeniusD80 This is a guest post by Chad Peterson on winning the war with the SERPS and Big G. While I’m no expert on SEO, he’s got some solid ideas here to stir up those spiders! Happy reading, and be sure to leave your comments below… or else! There are many on page tactics you can use to optimize your pages for search engines.  First and most important is CONTENT...

Guest Post-So I Failed My Driver’s Test – 4 SEO Basics That Will Make or Break You


OK, so in keeping with the SEO kick I’ve gotten on the past week or two, this is a guest post by Remy Shepard on the importance of always sticking to the basic before branching out and getting all complicated. This is applied to SEO strategies, however, I feel the basic message applies to just about everything in life.  Start with the basics and work you way up from there, and you...

Effective SEO Strategies from a Self Proclaimed Non-Expert


OK, so I got a pretty good response when I talked about SEO and social media the other day.  Which led me to ponder… What do you really know about search engine optimization or SEO?  I mean really. Which led me to the somewhat warped conclusion that after discussing it briefly… I feel we should discuss it some more.  You know, to drive it all home and make sure it’s embedded in that sweet little...


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