Urgent- Time to Take Stock of Your Personal Inventory Entrepreneurs!

by David Hennessey

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This is a guest post by a dear man named David from The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ®.

I thought it a suitable follow up to my Thanksgiving gratitude post, as typically the holidays can become a time of year where we as entrepreneurs (and humans) begin to assess where we’ve been and where we are going.

Sometimes you might feel down on yourself if you haven’t accomplished everything you set out to do by now, and it’s a losing man’s mindset to ponder all of the “shoulda, coulda’s” in your life.

Or maybe you’re just feeling run down, your body feels tired, and you don’t feel like you’re putting your best self out there into the world. If either of those scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to take stock- of your personal inventory that is.

You need to rediscover just what it is about you that is so damn spectacular, that you are literally one of a kind in this world. Or as David says- irreplaceable.

And do make him feel welcome in the comments below if you have a moment. 🙂

As an entrepreneur you need to be internally motivated to keep yourself going through the challenging times. No matter how great business is going these challenging times show up.

You wake up in the morning feeling low in energy and you want to crawl instead of leap out of bed to get to your work. I have a tip when you have one of those days; it can really help to immediately take stock of your personal inventory.

I am not referring to all the material objects like the products you sell or use. Here I am referring to the mental, physical and emotional parts of you that bring so much value to this world. They are what make you irreplaceable in business and beyond.

Please read over the following information, grab a pen and paper and then take stock of your own personal inventory.

Physical Stock Check

If you are blessed with hands look at your hands now. Our hands are amazing and I am very grateful for my hands. They know where the keys are on the keyboard as I type this for you. I do not even have to look at the keys. In fact, I could be looking out the window at the rain and still be typing this for you!

They help me feed myself, clothe myself, hug people I meet. As a business owner taking stock of my physical inventory I would mark down my hands as a huge asset.

If you follow the suggestion of checking your own physical inventory you will not be long into the process before you will realize you have a lot of parts of you that help make you successful and keep you successful in business.

As another example, our lungs are amazing. They move approximately ten thousand liters of air through our system each day and we don’t even have to tell them to do it. They know what to do. Without our lungs we could not breathe so we could not talk and share with our clients.

Another example, our ears are amazing. They are what make it possible for us to identify our clients needs. Then there is the heart, which by the time we are just about to leave our mother’s womb has already beaten forty nine million times. Our heart keeps us going through good and bad business days.

Then there is our liver, our feet …take a look at yourself even if you are missing some pieces. Even if some parts feel a little worn and tired your body is an incredible system. As you finish your physical stock check in most cases you will agree with me. You are irreplaceable. You have all the physical parts you need to be a great business owner.

Mental Stock Check

As your read this there is something amazing going on. Your eyes are recognizing the letters and your brain makes sense of all the white and black space on the screen and tells you the meaning of these words. In most cases you don’t even have to hesitate to try to understand, you already know their meaning.

What a great mental skill it is to be able to read. With this skill you can learn a lot of what you need to serve your clients better. The more you know the more you have to share with your clients which means you are more valuable to them.

Take note of your creativity, your imagination, your integrity, your honesty. You have a lot of skills that can help you succeed in business. You have lots of assets. You are irreplaceable.

Emotional Stock Check

Do you ever see the smile of a baby and feel the warmth and tenderness of the child you are looking at just from you seeing their face? This is because you have inside of you a great ability to relate to other people of all ages.

You can sense the needs of others when they are feeling upset. You can tell that they just need someone to listen to them or make them a cup of tea or get them a glass of water.

As a business owner you must use your emotional sensitivity inside to sense if people around you are responding to you and if you indeed have a connection that can lead to a future business relationship.

If you are not listening to your emotional ability to relate to others, you may not notice when some people are just not interested in what you are sharing. To earn income you need to be in front of people that value what you have to offer.

Using your emotional sensitivity is sometimes called intuition in business. It is one of the great techniques successful entrepreneurs use to make a final decision in a business transaction.

Action Step:

Your Personal Inventory

Take that pen and paper and start to make your inventory of the person you are and what you have to offer yourself and your business world. As you start, perhaps you may see yourself as having physical limitations (whatever you perceive as that). Or you may see yourself as having mental limitations (things you can often overcome by learning) or emotional weaknesses (like being impatient- something that can be unlearned too!)


The goal of this exercise is for you to see all the great physical, mental and emotional assets you have inside of you and that they most likely far out weight the negative characteristics you may be focusing on at this time that are causing you to feel less than your best.

So go ahead, grab a piece of paper and start to take stock of your physical, mental, emotional inventory.

You have so much to offer.


If you liked this  post, I do hope you’ll help BGB grow by sharing it with your pals. I thank you kindly, and I know David does too! 😉

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