What Kind of Leader Are You? 3 Archetypes of Business Bosses


It’s no joke that vibrant leaders can drive businesses to new heights. But the common ideal of an all-encompassing business head is a misnomer. In reality, leaders take on different roles to perform different services. One of many hats and all that jazz. A business owner charged with setting and establishing a company vision won’t be able to attend to the needs of his or her employees...

Grads of the Best MBA Programs to Living Room Entrepreneurs, Start-ups Are in Trouble


Today’s guest post is courtesy of Julianna Davies. She tackles a common #BGB topic in today’s post when she discusses the struggles entrepreneurs face when first getting started. She takes the conversation further by pointing out flaws in the current U.S. tax system, and offers a number of possible fixes for the years ahead. Please do me a solid and make her feel welcome. Amidst a...

5 Low Cost Start-Ups That Can Pay Off Big


This is a guest post courtesy of MyBlogGuest. As ya’ll know, I’m a big fan of “not breaking the bank” when you’re trying to get your business off the ground. (It’s why I love freelance writing… virtually no start-up costs!) Powers of deduction means your necessary business budget really boils down to what sort of business you plan on starting in the first...

Must-Have Apps for the Savvy Entrepreneur


This is a guest post by Julia on a few of the hottest mobile apps to keep your business chugging. Please make her feel welcome and let us know if there’s a mobile app you absolutely could not live without in the comments. Keep your start-up responsive, agile, and up-to-date Mobile apps and cloud computing have made it a great time to be an entrepreneur: you can access information and...

5 Important Life-Facts To Remember When a Leader Falls


This is a guest post courtesy of Lior again. Excellent advice to ensue! Happy reading BGB’ers, do make him feel welcome by sharing your thoughts in the comments below. The failure of a leader does not necessarily mean the failure of your organization. Nevertheless, aside from bankruptcy, the fall of a key leader may be one of the most threatening events in the life of a company. How your...

#DemandMore- 5 Simple Deductions Entrepreneurs Need to Take Advantage Of


Hey there BGB’ers. It’s that time of year again! You know… TAX TIME. Woo! Gotta love paying out your hard-earned cash to the IRS right? And it becomes a wee bit more complicated when you are running your own small business and not just working one of those dreaded J.O.B.s. But hey, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some perks to being self-employed, including the ability to write off qualified...

Urgent- Time to Take Stock of Your Personal Inventory Entrepreneurs!


This is a guest post by a dear man named David from The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ®. I thought it a suitable follow up to my Thanksgiving gratitude post, as typically the holidays can become a time of year where we as entrepreneurs (and humans) begin to assess where we’ve been and where we are going. Sometimes you might feel down on yourself if you haven’t accomplished everything you set...

Plan to Fail or Fail to Plan- Words to Live By?


Thanks to Amy for this guest post. I’ve always identified with the saying that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. It’s resonated with me since I first dipped my toes in entrepreneurship. Unfortunately I’m abysmal at taking my own advice and didn’t make a plan when I started! But I quickly learned that without that plan, even if it’s just a loose one, you leave...

How to Think Like an Entrepreneur (Because Entrepreneurs are Cool)


Yo! This is a guest post from James.  You all know that entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes guts to work for yourself, make a living without the security of a boss and a safety net, and at the end of the day totally rock at it. It takes sweat and determination, hard work and commitment. (Kind of like marriage, eh?) It also takes a brain just a wee bit off from the rest...

Writing as a Career- Are You Feeling the Creative Seduction?


This is a guest post from Chris Hoole. I have to agree, going pro as a writer is pretty daft. It’s not easy, it’s not always fun, and sometimes you wonder if you’re in the right line of work. However as he mentions, for many writers it’s not always a matter of choice… it’s almost a compulsion! Kind of like diarrhea of the fingers or something. Words.  Must...


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