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Sales Copy Exercise # 1


OK, so your sitting down at your table, trying to figure out how to come up with those all important ‘Benefits’ everyone keeps talking about for your product. Unfortunately, you’re stuck in a rut and your brain is just drawing blanks. Lucky for you, I have a quick exercise you can do that may bring you a solution! Brain Storming: First of all, think of the problems or challenges...

It's Only A Benefit When You Say So


If you know even a little bit about sales copy you know that good copy is all about the benefits, NOT the features of the product you are trying to peddle. You need to make the prospect see what’s in it for them and how their life will be made better by your product. AKA Benefit! However, don’t just assume that your prospect will realize that what you are offering is a benefit...

Sometimes It Pays To Be Direct


Writing good copy ain’t always an easy task.  Some folks manage to do it reasonably well, and some folks manage to mangle it beyond repair.  The problem a lot of people run into is trying to be ‘too creative’.  Yeah, I know, TOO creative? Who KNEW there was such a thing! But alas, there is, and it happens a lot when people are trying to write sales copy.  They are so focused on...

The Secret to Closing


One of the biggest things people struggle with in sales is the close. And it’s even more tough to close when it’s in print and not face to face.  The problem is that your close is not meant to stand alone.  A good close is wrapped within your entire sales pitch, and in fact you are actually closing the entire time… it’s just done in such a way that your prospect...

Insider Secrets to SERIOUSLY Connecting With Your Target Market and Building Priceless Loyalty


By Guest: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero Instead of spending the majority of your time crafting HOW you’re going to sell your audience with your offer, focus on finding out WHO the heck you’re talking to – your target market. Put your attention on the catch and not the pitch. If you’re tossing a baseball to your kid, would you turn around and throw it in the bleachers? (Hopefully not.) Or would you aim it...


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