Blogging: Why Good Manners Still Matter


This is a guest post courtesy of Mckenzie, with a lil edumucation on manners.  I know your mama (or papa, or some equivalent) taught them to you so don’t pretend you don’t know what they are or how to use ’em.  This post is specifically about manners and etiquette as it relates to guest blogging, but hey… manners are manners and good use of them is appreciated everywhere...

#BGB Tutorial- How to Tackle Social Media Complaints


This is a guest post courtesy of Kirsten with tips on tackling social media complaints that can affect your business and brand in a negative way. I’m sure you all remember the Kevin Smith debacle. Wouldn’t want a repeat, now would we?  Social media is today’s buzzword in the business world, and companies everywhere are eagerly jumping aboard this newest trend in online marketing. In...


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