Roar Like a Lion, Do the Unexpected; Unique Advertising isn’t for Wusses


Imagine enjoying a morning run on the local trail and seeing a neat 3-D art stenciling of a wooden bridge over a gaping cliff right on the path. Like, woah. Where’d that come from? Now, imagine people having fun with it, pretending to walk over it, snapping pics, and sharing it on social media outlets with their pals, just because it was so cool and different, totally unexpected. Now...

#Infographic: Simple Tips to Rock Your LinkedIn Connections


This is a handy infographic courtesy of WhoIsHostingThis.com. Obviously LinkedIn can be a valuable social platform in successful business building. But are you using it effectively? If at all? My guess is that you (like me) could stand to learn a trick or two on increasing the effectiveness of your LI efforts in the least amount of time. So keep a readin’ and let me know if you found this...

4 Keys to Building a Kick Ass Branding Crew


Products and services may determine how customers value businesses, but those companies may never get a shot at their target clientele without an effective brand strategy. Ouch. Harsh huh. Brands have plenty of work to do in a competitive market. Not only must they establish and promote themselves to the right customers, they must do so in a way that differentiates them from competing brands...

Changing Tides: Rise of the Blog


This is a guest post courtesy of Anny over at ThemeFuse. A little blogging edumucation for your reading pleasure. Blogging has come a long way since the term was first coined way back in 1997. A blog, a portmanteau of the words “web log” is an informal site on the Internet, where people – referred to as “bloggers” – can keep a diary of their lives or report on current events as they see them, as...

A Complete Marketing Campaign- Printed Tools & Online Strategies


This is a guest post courtesy of Gareth on the value of marketing both within the online realm as well as the more traditional print media realm. Obviously both have their own unique set of pros and cons, but old school doesn’t necessarily mean old fashioned or ineffective. Please make him feel welcome and drop any thoughts in the comment section below. It’s become fashionable to dismiss...

#BGB Tutorial- How to Rebuild Your Brand For The Modern Age


This is a guest post courtesy of Mr. John Miller.  It’s time to get with the modern era, if you haven’t already. The business landscape is evolving and changing quickly, and brands that don’t even make the effort to keep up are going to bite the dust. Harsh? Maybe. Doesn’t make it any less true. Please share your thoughts and point of view in the comments below dorks. xo...

Does Online Interaction Increase Brand Awareness?


Speaking as a woman who knows, it’s pretty common to have a million things on your plate. Women tend to take the weight of the world on their shoulders. I know I do! Add to that trying to build a new business up and your days can seem pretty daunting. Where do you start? How do you find clients? How do you increase sales? How do you create a great brand? And how do you do all of the above on a...

#Infographic: Top 10 Most Profitable Media Companies


This is an infographic provided by Best Communication Degrees. Thought I’d share as a little light and interesting reading to your work week. Any comments please feel free to drop them below. Enjoy! Media can be a profitable area for a business. It seems like everywhere you turn people are getting their information, entertainment and opinions from one of several media sources. Much of this...

Don’t Piss Off Kevin Smith (and Other Solutions for Public Relations Nightmares)


Hey BGB’ers!  Thanks for your patience during this hard time in my life right now.   I’m slowly getting realigned after my dad’s death, but there has been a lot of stuff that went along with it outside of the emotional aspects I’ve had to deal with, so I’ve been pretty stupid busy. I expect to continue to be pretty busy right up until mid-September at the earliest...


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