How to Use Nationality to Strengthen Your Brand


This is a guest post courtesy of Sam Wright. This is a subject I myself hadn’t really thought of before, so I hope you find the information enlightening. Perhaps it will even spark some new and creative ideas in your own branding endeavors. Happy reading! There are many different facets brands use to reinforce their identity in a crowded market. One of the strongest is also one of the...

Selling In Print Can Be Tough


Selling in person is a lot easier than selling in print, because you can use your personality, body language, and tone of voice to convince someone to buy from you. When you’re trying to sell goods and services in print, you lose all of these advantages. Your marketing materials must be very clear, because you only get one chance to make a good impression. If your ad is confusing...

The Secret to the Squeeze! Part 1


What’s the most valuable thing in Internet marketing? It’s not a good product, although that can help. It’s not a killer, profit sucking sales letter. It’s not even a cool trick or technique that can get you a lot of traffic or increase your sales. It’s building a list that you have a good relationship with. Instead of having to go out and find good traffic, you can...

Using Power Transitions to Full Advantage


Keeping a reader’s attention until the very last word on the order form can be a tricky job. However, don’t despair, because there IS an easy way to write copy that does just that. It’s extremely simple to use, so pay attention! 😉 First though, let’s go over what exactly headlines are used for so that you can understand it better. A headline is NOT designed to sell your...

Words to Avoid in Your Copy


Listed below are a list of words to avoid I have been given permission to share. Usually words like these will have a negative connotation attached to them. For example, learning implies a lot of effort, but “unearthing” implies little to no effort. Replace negative words in your copy with the alternative power words below… Teach… demonstrate, display, reveal, disclose, divulge...


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