Are POP Displays Really a Thing?


While I’m certainly no expert, I’ve recently been reading up on POP displays and potentially using them in your brand strategy.  You can walk into just about any Walmart, Winn Dixie, or <insert retail store of choice here> and find yourself exposed to what’s called a point of purchase display, whether you realized what you were looking at or not. According to BrandingStrategyInsider.com, a...

#BGB Tutorial: Optimism + Affiliate Marketing = Rich Potential Rewards


This is a guest post courtesy of Alan. He dives pretty comprehensively into the nuts and bolts of something called affiliate marketing. If you’re a blogger or have any experience with the online realms, you may have heard of it and perhaps even dabble in it yourself. I know many a fellow blogger that makes a tidy little side income from affiliate sales. If you’ve never heard of it...

Quick Tips for Effectively Marketing Your Start-up


Marketing. UGH. It’s one of those words that has the fascinating effect of causing one’s lip to curl… usually in a combo of fear, dread, and mild distaste. Unfortunately it’s a necessary evil (and doesn’t have to be skeevy either), so let’s talk about how you can do it a wee bit more effectively than you might be doing it right now. Then maybe I’ll go take my own advice. Heh! While the...

Entrepreneur Gold- Why Your Small Biz Needs Local SEO


This is a guest post courtesy of Shawna on why you should pay attention to local SEO and it’s potential benefits to your business. While paying attention to SEO strategies in general is always a good idea, focusing your efforts on local SEO can yield faster results with less effort. Who doesn’t like less effort? Please make Shawna feel welcome in the comments below and shout if you...

POLL: I Want to Know…


Your biggest, brightest, most burning questions and problems regarding: Business and Entrepreneurship Smart and Effective Marketing Ad Copy and Copywriting Search Engine Optimization E-Mail Marketing and List Building Blogging/Content Development Relationship Marketing Web Content Social Media and Self-Employment Branding Increasing Revenue Delegating Creating Systems and Leverage And anything...

Finding the Win-Win Solution in Sales


I’ve often heard people complain about their situation in life and remarking that they don’t really have a choice about it because of this and that. I totally disagree! Everyone has a choice. People are in their situation because they choose to be. It’s a decision based on their set of values, standards, and desires, mired in the reality of what they are really capable of at the...

4 Keys to Copy Writing and Business Success- Part 2


OK, so yesterday in part 1, we discussed the first two crucial keys to success in any areas of your life, not just business or copy writing.  Those were modeling successful people and gaining control of your time.  These next two final keys are mostly relevant to just business for the most part, although I am sure there is a way you can mold the concepts to fit the rest of your life as well if...

Bullets with a Purpose


As in life, everything you do in your business or sales strategy should have a purpose. Doing anything without an end goal in mind is essentially just spinning your wheels and wasting your time. When you know why you are doing something, suddenly whatever it is you are doing takes on a whole new connotation.  There is a REASON behind your actions, and a method to your madness.  Remember, end goal...

The Secret to the Squeeze! Part 4


Creating a Hot Landing Page People standing around arguing about a sales page is pointless! Don’t you know that all arguments can be settled with a simple test? If you’d rather make money than argue, you should split test constantly. Take the guess work out of it as much as possible. At the same time, you don’t want to be one of those “cautious Kathy’s” who are afraid to do...


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