Elicit Emotions: Using Writing as a Marketing Tool

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If you want to be able to earn a lot of money with your marketing, writing (in the majority of cases) is going to be very essential to you.

You are going to have to learn how to appeal to prospect’s emotions (remember – most people buy due to emotion, not logic) so that you can really prove your point as to why your product or service is so beneficial.

You may be wondering, what kinds of emotions cause customers to get itchy hands and pull out their wallets? That’s the real question for people who want to take advantage of this technique.

The truth is that different emotions need to be played up for different types of products. A fear of loss might be huge for one market, while the idea of feeling security may be big in another. You’ll have to test different messages out and really communicate with your target audience in order to find out what fits best for your specific group.

As you figure out different things to test, you may want to look at different pieces of writing for reference. Some top sales writers you can look for examples from include Dan Kennedy, Bob Bly, Joe Vitale, John Carlton, and Gary Halbert.

To get you started now though, a general idea of customers’ deepest emotional needs include:

  • The sense of value – the feeling of being significant and important.
  • The sense of happiness – the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • The sense of security – the feeling of being safe and comfortable.

Consider how many people crave feeling important above all else. Some people will resort to violence to be noticed and feel valued, while others will enter danger zones just to achieve happiness. And still others are willing to risk their physical health in order to feel more comfortable.

The three aforementioned basic emotional needs must be satisfied. The basic need to feel valued and experience happiness and security is universal. For most people these things are more important than wealth and time.

If you awaken these basic emotional needs in your sales writing, it is entirely possible people will begin buying your product or service with no regard for the price tag. Enough emotion can make seemingly illogical things happen, quickly.

Craft your words artistically, connecting the benefits of your product to the validation, excitement and security needs of your market base. Try to figure out which emotional needs connect most to your product and let your writing play on that.

Alternatively, you can also create a somewhat distressful emotional state contrary to these basic emotional needs, such as rejection, uncertainty and boredom. Project a clear image of a problem that your product will be able to solve, highlight the series of events, and associate those negative emotional states with an utterly distressful situation.

A fair amount of these comparisons blended with a realistic writing presentation will create a desire in the consumer to get away from the distressful situation and find their solutions in you.  And you thought writing was just for nerds. 😉

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